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About Refresh Dental Spa

In Dr Kristina’s words “In our practice, we aim for maximum efficiency and excellent customer service. Our team is put together with thought and sensitivity, each member being dedicated to their role in the practice. The dentists are genuinely caring and believe in delivering long-term care, respecting our patients as individuals with their own specific needs and working efficiently with our auxillary staff members. Our “Refresh Dolls” are beautiful souls who offer much needed support to our patients and the clinicians working on them. They are chosen for their work ethic, sensitivity, presentation and confidence in their abilities.

With a great team, we aim to forge ahead towards optimum health in a healthy and happy environment”.

Our Dentists

Dr Kristina Cain – Principal Dentist

Dr Kristina CainDr Kristina Cain completed her studies at the University of Queensland and has over 20 years experience as a dental practitioner. She has travelled around Australia during this time, working in private practices in Cairns, Sydney and Brisbane. As a family dentist, she enjoys treating patients from all walks of life. She endeavours to help patients feel more at ease when having their necessary dental treatment and being a mother of two active children (11 & 13 years old), Kristina has a nurturing way with children and their busy parents. She has a special interest and flair for cosmetic enhancements, implant crowns, crown and bridgework, QST (quick straight teeth) and especially facial aesthetics. Formerly a trainer for the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA), Kristina was recently made a Fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics (IADFE) in New York, USA. She is also a Dental Consultant on the Dental Advisory Panel for Experien to assist other dentists. Kristina strongly believes that the prevention of dental and facial degeneration is the key to happy and healthy patients. With a thorough and honest work ethic, she is devoted to continued professional education and enjoys sharing her experience to help with the education of dental students and dental staff alike. Kristina enjoys spending time with her husband, children and border collie, travelling, health and fitness, watching movies and peaceful retreats to the beach and great outdoors.

Kristina is available to see patients Monday – Friday.

Dr Hamish Caithness

HamishDr Hamish Caithness graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland and has over 18 years experience as a dental surgeon. He has spent much of his career travelling, perfecting aesthetic techniques and training to assist anxious patients.

His approachable and friendly manner has endeared him to patients and staff alike over the years and we are privileged to have him as a member of the Refresh Dental Spa Team.

Dr Caithness is available on Wednesdays from 8am- 5 pm.


Our Staff

Jayne - Senior Clinical Assistant

The team at Refresh Dental Spa in Brisbane is continually updating their skills and education to become the best dental practitioners they can be.

If you are putting off dental work because you are worried about the cost, the time of the appointment or are feeling anxious about your appointment, we have a solution for you. Our team at Refresh Dental Spa will work with our anxious patients to ensure their visit is relaxing and comfortable. We also offer a list of payment options for our patients who are concerned about the cost of their treatment. We offer personalised, tailor made dental care and we also bulk bill for preventive dentistry and support the child dental benefits schedule.

For patients who may feel anxious about their dental treatment we understand that this may be a reasonable response, which is why we will help you cope with it so you can move forward with the dental treatment you need. We can help you feel relaxed while you listen to our iPod or watch a movie and we give you more control over your appointment if you need more communication from our team. Ultimately, we push you when you need to be pushed but always with understanding.

Find out more about the technology we use:

Latest Technology

At Refresh Dental Spa, we are providers of cutting edge dental technology and world class treatment options. Our compassionate approach to dentistry is supported by our acquisition of the latest and greatest dental technology available.

Sonic Fill

This filling technology allows our dentists to bulk fill cavities and restorations faster than ever before, saving you money and time in the dental chair.

Zoom WhiteSpeed

At Refresh Dental Spa we offer one of the best tooth whitening treatments on the market – Zoom WhiteSpeed.

Benefits of Zoom WhiteSpeed:

  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades
  • 45 minute treatment
  • Minimises tooth sensitivity
  • 100% greater light intensity for optimal results

Soft Tissue Lasers

Refresh Dental Spa is a certified laser practice, with the Picasso Lite Laser operational on site now. Our soft tissue laser therapy is great for treating gum disease, re-contouring gummy smiles and removing excess gum tissue. Patients who receive soft tissue laser therapy experience less bleeding, a faster recovery time and reduced swelling. Soft tissue laser treatment usually produces little to no discomfort, and so pain relief is usually not necessary during treatment.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Our intra-oral camera is a great diagnostic and educational tool. This piece of technology allows our dentists to magnify any dental issues you may have to 25 times their size and display them on a chair-side screen. We can use this tool to illustrate any dental problems we encounter, and explain your treatment options. Our patients are further enabled to make informed treatment decisions with the help of this dental technology.

Digital Radiography

A digital radiograph produces up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays can be viewed almost instantly, as no film processing is required. This allows us to provide you with a more efficient service and our team with a safer working environment as developing chemicals are not needed during this process.

Rotary Endodontic System

This technology enables computerised root canal therapy. The Rotary Endodontic System decreases treatment time and increases patient comfort.

Watch our video to discover how you can receive effective, high quality treatments combined with an unsurpassed level of care with Refresh Dental Spa

Finance options

We support a number of finance options including:

  • DentiCare
  • Certegy Take Home Layby
  • Child Dental Benefit Scheme

HCFWe are also a preferred provider for HCF. So if you’re looking for a HCF dentist in Brisbane look no further! 

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