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Exciting News

To my dear and trusted patients, I'd like to update you on some exciting news here at Refresh Dental Spa! In May this year, we will move our current practice to Suite 1-2 on Level 8 and merge with Dr…

Seasons Greetings from Refresh Dental Spa

Correct a Gummy Smile

before and after laser - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

One of the most attractive things about the human face is a perfect smile. Just as we are drawn to bright eyes, you can’t help but be drawn to someone with a lovely bright, white smile. Orthodontics have helped to…

Facial Injectables

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

Take a sneak peak into the average Australian Woman's bathroom cabinet, and you'll likely find thousands of dollar’s worth of skincare products; from anti wrinkle creams, collagen treatments and eye creams all promising to turn back the clock, diminish wrinkles…

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - collagen induction therapy

As we get older, our skin loses condition and can take on a dull sometimes sagging appearance. Luckily, these days there are many treatments we can use to re-invigorate the texture of our skin. At Refresh Dental Spa we recommend…

Positive Dental Care

Dr Kristina Cain, principal dentist and owner of Refresh Dental Spa, says it’s important people have a family dentist they can trust. All dentists at Refresh Dental Spa are genuinely caring and highly skilled,” Kristina says. Our entire team endeavours…

Restorative dentistry and rejuvenation for your smile


It happens from time to time, you're playing a game of backyard cricket, or had a mishap of some kind and you find yourself baring a not so toothy-grin anymore! You’re left wondering what are your next steps are to…

How teeth whitening can change your appearance and restore confidence

Before and after whitening

Teeth do so much for us in our day to day lives: they enable us to chew our food, provide cheeky smiles for those candid photos and aid our speech and self-confidence. But what do you do if your teeth…

Introducing Sally Hay

Dr Sally Hay - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

Sally Hay is joining the Refresh Dental Spa team mid-February 2017. After practicing for the past few years on the Gold Coast and New South Wales she is returning to her home town of Brisbane to be closer to family…

Launching Refresh Dental Spa


Refresh Dental are excited to have launched a “Refreshing” new brand which reflects our exciting growth in dental and facial treatments offered.  We have transformed our own brand to accurately reflect the exciting transformations we are making with patients' beautiful…

To all of our valued patients and friends,

Dr Kristina Cain & Dr Hamish Caithness - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

As we draw to a close on 2016, we'd like to sincerely thank you for support this past year and to wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Christmas and a wonderful new year! Refresh Dental has…

Dento-facial aesthetics is changing the face of dentistry!!

facial injectables

Dento-facial aesthetics involves assessment of facial structures surrounding the dentition and utilising facial injectables to provide cosmetic enhancements to the facial tissues. Dento-facial aesthetics the ultimate complement to cosmetic dentistry with treatments such as muscle relaxants or fillers providing facial…

Are you self-conscious about your smile?

before and after laser - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

If you just reviewed your latest family photos and are cringing at your broad smile and excessive exposure of gum tissue, then you are not alone.  Many feel self-conscious of their gummy smile which is extremely unfortunate. People should never…

Splints and Guards to help with a better nights sleep


Do you suffer from sleep apnoea, snoring, bruxism?  Splints and guards may be able to assist you with a better night’s sleep. These sleep conditions can be extremely serious and have a major impact on your wellbeing. Snoring and sleep…

Modern Technologies and Treatments in Cosmetic Dentistry


Have you been putting up with concerns inside your mouth that you were unaware you could correct?  Improving your smile is easier than you think with today’s modern technologies and treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry has been growing in…

Veneers can help those suffering from crookedness, discolouration, gaps or chipped teeth

Veneers Before and After - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

Do you suffer from crookedness, discolouration, gaps or chipped teeth?  Despite caring and protecting your teeth, there are many conditions that just cannot be avoided.  Ageing, worn off teeth, food or drink stains, and genetically inherent conditions can cause various…

Top five reasons why a visit the dentist twice yearly is essential to maintain your beautiful smile.

Take Care of your Smile and your Body

So we are constantly told that we need to visit our dentist every six months, but why do we actually need to see a dentist regularly? We have put together the top five reasons why you need to visit the…

The importance of preventative dental for your overall health

Check up

Once we have our adult teeth there are no second chances, we need to care and protect these teeth to help them last a lifetime.  Preventative dental is a very important step to help ensure both your oral health and…

Children’s Dentistry


Children’s Dentistry involves the care and treatment of developing teeth including gums and jaw structures. Dentistry programs for children should include a range of dental services from routine preventative care to specialized children’s care. To coordinate a child's dental care…

Brighten Up Your Smile with a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before and after whitening

At Refresh Dental in Brisbane we can brighten up your smile with a teeth whitening treatment. This has become a popular treatment with patients. It is a quick and convenient treatment that will leave your teeth beautifully white, enhancing your appearance. Your smile…

Dental Implants & Implant Crowns

Dental Implant - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

We are all conscious of our smile, but apart from how we look, replacing a missing tooth or teeth, is important for other reasons such as: Preventions of degeneration of jawbone density Preventing the movement of existing teeth Protecting the…

Facial Injectables

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

Welcome to 2016! At Refresh Dental we are looking forward to another great year and wish you all the best for yours. At Refresh Dental we offer  facial injectables treatments. This is the ULTIMATE cosmetic treatment, safe and non-evasive, and one that will…

Muscle relaxing facial injectables will enhance your overall appearance and frame your beautiful smile!

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

For most people a trip to the dentist means having a regular dental check or work completed on the teeth. At Refresh Dental our services go beyond just general dentistry. Since 2011 Dr Kristina has been offering dento-facial aesthetic services…

Melbourne Cup Celebrations

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

The team at Refresh Dental Celebrate the Melbourne Cup at the Stamford Plaza, High Tea.

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