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Exciting News

To my dear and trusted patients, I'd like to update you on some exciting news here at Refresh Dental Spa! In May this year, we will move our current practice to Suite 1-2 on Level 8 and merge with Dr…

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - collagen induction therapy

As we get older, our skin loses condition and can take on a dull sometimes sagging appearance. Luckily, these days there are many treatments we can use to re-invigorate the texture of our skin. At Refresh Dental Spa we recommend…

Positive Dental Care

Dr Kristina Cain, principal dentist and owner of Refresh Dental Spa, says it’s important people have a family dentist they can trust. All dentists at Refresh Dental Spa are genuinely caring and highly skilled,” Kristina says. Our entire team endeavours…

Facial Injectables

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

Welcome to 2016! At Refresh Dental we are looking forward to another great year and wish you all the best for yours. At Refresh Dental we offer  facial injectables treatments. This is the ULTIMATE cosmetic treatment, safe and non-evasive, and one that will…

Muscle relaxing facial injectables will enhance your overall appearance and frame your beautiful smile!

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

For most people a trip to the dentist means having a regular dental check or work completed on the teeth. At Refresh Dental our services go beyond just general dentistry. Since 2011 Dr Kristina has been offering dento-facial aesthetic services…

Cosmetic Treatments

Thanks mum

Our cosmetic treatments can create a beautiful smile by concealing problems and enhancing natural aesthetics! We can address the following common issues which can compromise the appearance of your smile: Discolouration (dark, brownish stains), chips, cracks, worn teeth (such as…

The Reach Access Flosser comes highly recommended by our Dental Hygienist

Reach flosser - Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

The Reach Access Flosser makes flossing as easy a brushing! With a comfortable and ergonomic handle, this flosser enables better access and control for those tricky nooks and crannies. We've received a lot of excellent feedback and the product comes…

SkinCare Rx


Refresh is excited to soon be able to offer our patients a beautiful range of cosmeceutical facial products. SkinCare Rx is an Australian made skin care range that we are very lucky to have been introduced to. At Refresh Dental…

Dental Health

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

At Refresh we strive to help our patients achieve excellent dental health. Our Active Maintenance program helps maintain your teeth and gums with a comprehensive check-up, thorough clean and advice on your dental home care. Healthy teeth and gums not…

Cosmetic Dentistry


Do you have stained, missing or crooked teeth? Kristina can make these teeth look amazing as cosmetic dentistry is one of her favourite procedures. The aesthetics of your smile can be improved by having crowns, veneers, implants, whitening or bridges.…

Referral Loyalty Program


Ask about our new Referral Loyalty Program. For every friend or family member that you refer to us, who receives treatment, we will give you a $10 Coles/Myer gift card. Just make sure you tell your friend or family member to…

Do you grind your teeth at night or have jaw joint pain?


We can provide splints and nightguards for patients who suffer from night grinding and jaw joint pain (TMD/ TMJ Dysfunction). These can correct the position of the jaw as well as prevent grinding which can worsen the symptoms of TMD…

Zoom WhiteSpeed


At Refresh Dental we offer one of the best tooth whitening treatments on the market - Zoom WhiteSpeed. There are many reasons why we use Zoom WhiteSpeed, such as: It is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades…

Refresh Dental Professional Development

Refresh Dental Spa - Dentist Brisbane CBD - Brisbane CBD Dental

The Refresh team are off to a Prime Practice workshop at the end of the month. Prime practice helps us to develop better systems and training within the practice. This is great for our professional development, but also great as…

Can yoga protect your teeth?


Did you know that studies suggest 13.3% of adult Australians are experiencing jaw pain and discomfort in relation to their temporomandibular joint? Did you know that the term yoga is roughly derived from the notion “yoking together” which is essentially…

The innovative treatment freshening smiles with a comprehensive approach – dentofacial aesthetics

A person’s smile is largely dependent on the condition of their teeth; however the surrounding skin and facial structure can also contribute to the look of a smile… Dentofacial aesthetics for some dentists is a new concept. For Dr Kristina…

Research shows patients are not communicating with their dentist when it comes to dental fear and anxiety


New research in the April edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association assessed how well patient satisfaction aligned with dentists' views. This research showed a disconnect between patients’ satisfaction with their treatment and their dentists understanding of their…

What You Need to Know About the Child Dental Benefit Schedule


There have been a number of rumours surrounding the Child Dental Benefit Schedule- concerns largely include eligibility, the value of the plan and the treatments available… The most important thing to keep in mind about this plan is that not…

Benefits of Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

When choosing to enhance your smile to a whiter, brighter shade we recommend choosing the best product to ensure your treatment is safe and effective… At Refresh Dental in Brisbane we use the Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening treatment to achieve…

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Dental Payment Plans

piggy bank

Don’t procrastinate receiving your much needed dental treatment because of the costs involved… Here at Refresh Dental in Brisbane we believe in receiving treatment NOW and worrying about payment LATER. That is why we offer payment plans and payment options…

Get a Complete Smile Transformation with Dentofacial Aesthetics

facial injectables

The ultimate cosmetic dental treatment that is transforming our patients’ entire smiles -dentofacial aesthetics… At Refresh Dental in Brisbane we provide a complete smile transformation with our dentofacial aesthetic treatments. Some patients who receive cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers,…

Your smile and your business persona


Achieve a better first impression through cosmetic dentistry In a recent study it was found that Australian’s between the ages of 18-39 believe that their smile is very important. This is most likely because this is the time when your…

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