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Dento-facial aesthetics is changing the face of dentistry!!

facial injectables

Dento-facial aesthetics involves assessment of facial structures surrounding the dentition and utilising facial injectables to provide cosmetic enhancements to the facial tissues. Dento-facial aesthetics the ultimate complement to cosmetic dentistry with treatments such as muscle relaxants or fillers providing facial rejuvenation, correction and prevention of facial deficiencies.

Refresh Dental offer the complete package to enhance your face with dentistry treatments designed to target more than just your teeth; helping to complete your beautiful smile and create a more youthful look.  Facial injectable treatments include the following products and procedures:

  • Muscle- relaxing injections which reduce the activity of overactive muscles, helping to prevent future wrinkles and smooth out existing lines. Other functional issues such as asymmetries and gummy smiles can benefit from these injections also.
  • Dermal fillers which serve to restore volume-loss and to prop up deeper folds in the skin. Common treatments include lip or cheek enhancements, Naso-labial and Smoker’s lines reduction, Marionette line reduction and volume restoration in general areas as a result of ageing.
  • Thread-lifting and Collagen-induction therapy (new in 2017!)

These minimally invasive treatments are an effective way to enhance the overall appearance of your face.  Treatments are completed in a relatively short amount of time in the clinic following a thorough Facial-mapping consultation. Quick, dramatic results which are very pleasing, create the ultimate “Refreshed” look.

Cosmetic “Dentistry” has completely evolved and Refresh Dental Spa has remained current in this exciting industry whereby treatments such as these are now carried out to complement the entire face. Refresh Dental Spa have extensive services and treatment options available to provide a comprehensive smile makeover we are happy to  discuss  how we  can achieve the most desirable results for you and your smile!

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