On Saturday 17th August Rebecca attended the annual Dental Assisting & Beyond Conference held at the Sofitel Brisbane by the Dental Assistants Association.

It was an informative and well organised day where delegates heard from a number of speakers including: Dr Daniel Ford from Paediatric Dental Care, who spoke about the incredibly challenging work he and his team perform. Kerry Read, a Physiotherapist shed light on head and neck therapies.

Geraldine Moses, who recently launched a drug info service for the ADA , educated all of us about drug interactions & adverse reactions relating to oral health. Dr John Flutter spoke about Myofunctional Influences on Facial Growth and the Dentition who has had great influence on the growth and development of the face & jaws with the focus of the lecture being the aetiology of malocclusion. Three other speakers also spoke about interesting topics including the latest Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, meeting challenges of oral health for older people and Holistic dentistry. All up it was a great day. There were eager companies holding trades displays, and we were well fed and looked after by the Sofitel staff.

A fantastic day to mingle with other oral health professionals. Looking forward to the conference next year!