Flossing your teeth once a day is the key to obtaining optimal oral health, but did you know that floss has also been the key to many prisoners escaping jail?

One advocate of the power of tooth floss was a prisoner in an Italian Jail in the 1970’s. This murderer ended up in a prison cell with bars made of soft ductile iron, which were installed to bend – not break in the chance of an explosion.

The prisoner took advantage of these soft iron bars and stockpiled floss, secretly sawing through the bars of his jail when the officials weren’t looking. He then escaped jail using only dental floss!

In 1995 floss was also used by an American inmate to escape his jail cell. The prisoner used seven packages of dental floss to create a ladder braided entirely from dental floss. The ladder was constructed from a rope of dental floss, which was as thick as a telephone cord and almost six metres long!

At Refresh Dental, we recommend using dental floss each day to clean the hard to reach areas of your teeth (not to break out of jail). By doing this, dental floss can help you escape tooth decay and gum disease!

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