Our entire team would like to wish you all a safe and wondrous festive season!

We’re sure you’ll agree that 2019 has been an intense year for most people. At this time of year it is always important to reflect on the past twelve months :) There have been many achievements to celebrate and also many realities to face. With the devastating fires and ruthless drought which our country is still battling, we are faced with a need for urgent action to reduce climate change and to support those community members in greatest need. Mental Health and drug-related issues are growing more and more prevalent and the pace of our daily lives seems to have increased ten-fold.

That being said, we have borne witness to heroics each and everyday in our community. Think of the volunteer firefighters, animal rescuers, people speaking out for action, all health care workers, kids like Jack Berne who started “Fiver for a farmer” and The Smith Family who have helped so many Aussie kids! The challenge is in recognising the good, recognising the need and taking action in whatever way we can contribute, no matter how small.

At our practice, we have been very blessed to be able to look after many families, individuals and their friends in our own small way and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your referrals, endorsements and kind words, it means the World to us!

The past year we’ve had Dr Nick continuing being very busy, training the team and at International conferences. Dr Kristina has spent a lot of time working on cosmetic dental and facial procedures and also in Melbourne at the biggest practice in the Southern Hemisphere, Smile Solutions. Noreen has worked tirelessly on our practice’s accreditation whilst keeping all of our boats afloat. Eva has been a continuous support to us all, ensuring we all have what we need and the job gets done. Matt became Kristina’s full time dental assistant and embraced the multi-tasking attributes of all Dental Assistants as well as keeping the Social media platforms on track. Angela has kept the heart of our practice pumping along in sterilisation as well as backing us all up when needed. Bless completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting and we are all proud of her efforts! Angelique continues to step in when needed and we really appreciate her help :)
Delightful news from Dr Hamish: he and his wife Henna welcomed a baby boy named Lukas in October over in the Cayman Islands! Our team continues to look towards the future, together, to provide excellent customer service and support to our patients as they make their way on their journey with us.

We’d like to thank our labs Peter and Paul, AMG (Adrian in Melbourne), Sleepwise and Somnomed for all their hard work in providing our patients with their porcelain and restorative appliances. On the business-side, thanks to Simon Moore and Lucas Garner for our financial assistance. Shaun from AH Jackson, you are a legend! Catalyst Directions, our online website team in Bundaberg, thank you for your creativity and hard work! Network Alliance, thank you for the ongoing IT support and friendly service. Profile Media, thank you for the exposure and education, you guys are so great for Good News! A huge thanks to Dr David Moffet for his advice and coaching over the past year. To all the specialists who have supported our patients and we practitioners especially BCPI, Endodontics Only, Foundation Dental and Drs Matthew Voltz, Andrew Macmillan and Michael Burgess thank you especially for our oral and maxillofacial surgery. Thank you to all our dental reps especially Shane and Shawn.

We sincerely wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Kristina and Nick, Noreen, Eva, Matthew, Angela, Bless and Angelique xo